Reader: With Shanahan, we would have won a couple more Super Bowls by now...

Movoto, the "real estate made easy" site that also makes it really easy to hype its lists, recently revealed "10 Things Only People From Denver Will Understand." But many people from Denver didn't understand a number of inclusions: "I'm native Denver, I don't own fleece, smoke weed or snowboard. I like Coors, Jim Beam and Rock and Roll. Screw this list!!," wrote one. And others didn't understand why Westword was so quick to jump at the bait and create its own post on Movoto's list: "This article is stupid!," says a reader.

And then there's this from John:

Denver a live and let live Libertarian society? Wait, let me stop laughing, I just realized this wasn't an Onion article. Denver makes a hobby out of trying to tell the rest of the state what we should do! I'm thinking the MJ is clouding someone's brain.

And guns? Most Denverites faint at the sight, and have their nose so far up Bloomberg's butt trying to take them away from the rest of us they haven't noticed all the anti-gun politicians being recalled and are shooting themselves in the foot politically. Ha! Denver also seems to have forgotten that CO consistently repeals their gun laws, and makes state laws nullifying them.

As far as the Broncos? Worst things that ever happened was tearing down the old Mile High and building Invesco at the taxpayers' expense so the rich people could have more private boxes, and Denver let them, hahaha. Also, firing Shanahan? That's the MJ talking again. With Shanahan, we would have won a couple more Super Bowls by now, instead of being a laughingstock for the most embarrassing Super Bowl loss in history. Not to mention the rash of Broncos players acting like frat boys and gangsters.

Read many more comments about Movoto's list...and our post about it...here.

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