Reader: You Can't Tell the Difference in Denver Between Hipsters & the Homeless

We recently shared a Comment of the Day in which a reader encouraged the homeless in Denver to move to California.

This item spurred a vigorous conversation, with many of those arguing that Denver needs to come up with better solutions for those without shelters.

And then there was this unique theory on why homeless people settle in an area that can get snowy and cold.

Here's the post in question.

Mike Jayy writes:

I think we are all missing the biggest problem here. First, if you were homeless, would you choose somewhere that gets freezing cold to live or go somewhere warm? I can speak for myself and say I'd go somewhere warm, probably near water so I could fish and actually eat arguably better than well off people. So why would a homeless person stay in Denver? Well the answer is simple: In our our society, homelessness is a black eye, so homeless people need a place to sort of blend in. Denver is perfect because of all the hipsters, the homeless aren't stupid and realize that here you could walk down the street and no one would know if you are homeless or a hipster software engineer.

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