Reader: You Have No Idea How Hard and Hearbreaking My Job Is

We recently shared the story of Jennifer Lobato, who slowly died of heroin withdrawal in Jeffco jail after she and fellow inmates reportedly begged for medical help, to no avail.

Most commenters on Facebook were distressed by what happened, with many of them characterizing the medical team at the detention facility as being callous and uncaring.

In response, a corrections nurse offers insight into a job that she says is one of the most difficult imaginable.

Here's her take.

Sarah-Marie Gerard writes:

My heart goes out to this woman and her family. Ease up on the jail-medical bashing. We're not there for the money. We practice one the ultimate acts of compassion. We bare the enormous burdens of our patients. One of the hardest heartbreaking jobs ever. I see hundreds of patients per day, so overwhelming. The tax-payers could step up so we can do more and have more staffing. Surely that won't be a hot topic on this thread. It's not fair to say that we don't care about our patients. I resent it. I'm a corrections nurse. And I know for a fact how many others could not handle nor fathom the dynamics my career choice and what I see on a daily basis.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.