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Reader: You Shouldn't Use Drugs to Cope With Life — and That Includes Marijuana

In a post by Patricia Calhoun, marijuana researcher Sue Sisley suggested that the Colorado Board of Health's decision not to approve cannabis for treatment of PTSD may have been influenced by Big Pharma.

Sisley's argument sparked some intriguing responses among our readers.

Many decried the board's decision, offering up testimonials about how marijuana had helped PTSD sufferers.

Others argued that over-medicating is problematic no matter the substance — cannabis included.

Here's a post offering the latter point of view.

Jeremy Rauch writes:
You shouldn't use drugs to cope with life. Weed will be no different than anything else. People will do it to just numb the pain and become reliant on it. Some of you people are so damn high all you can do is argue for weed instead of realistically think of a different view.
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