Reader: Your excessive Juggalos coverage is about to topple your marijuana coverage record

Can you overdose on pot? You can sure overdose on pot coverage, says one reader. And the number of slide shows we've posted on the Juggalos gathering is making many commenters jiggy.

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Says Foster:

Denver Westword, tons of people are Unliking you for focusing relentlessly on juggalos, losers and really bad opinions by readers!!! This is your last chance for me.

Counters A.j. Chartier:

You all call Juggalos lowlifes. Most have an education, jobs and a family. Just like all you assholes bitching about a free newspaper. If you don't like it, don't read it! It's a freaking music festival! It shows how judgmental some of you are. And its ignorance at its finest.

Concludes Stan:

You guys are about to topple your record of bullshit "news" coverage with Juggalos. The record being held by your excessive marijuana coverage.

What topic would you never like to see on westword.com again? Post your nominations for elimination in the comments section below. Have a tip? Send it to editorial@westword.com.

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