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Readers: Are People Coming to Colorado for Good Weather — or Weed?

This year's annual Colorado Governor's Tourism Conference, held last week in Breckenridge, included a panel on marijuana — a first. But while a state-sponsored survey showed that just 12 percent of visitors to Colorado used cannabis, some readers think that's low — and doesn't take into account those who moved here for pot. Says Charles: 
I know of people who are such dedicated stoners (historically American Amsterdam weed freaks) who have actually MOVED here permanently, just for the weed. Could it possibly be that some of these "visitors" are not telling the truth?

And yes, I partake in good cannabis every once in a while.
But Evan has another explanation for population growth: 
Personally, I don't think 'tis the weed. I think it's the weather. I grew up in NY and the winters were long and cold with nothing fun to do except ski on tiny mountains. It's 70 in February some days, snow never sticks around and it never rains. Once people visit this place they see how awesome it is to live here without paying NYC, Austin, SF or even Seattle rents.
And the stats back up Evan. According to William Frey, demographer with the Brookings Institute, U.S. Census stats show that Denver rated as the top "cool city" in the country, with more millennials moving here than any other area between 2008 and 2010 — and that was before recreational pot was legal. And the rate of people of all ages moving here remains high.

Why do you think they're coming to Colorado?
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