Readers: Dan Maes needs grammar lessons, but "John Hickenlooper" loves him anyway

Our post about Dan Maes's 1989 bankruptcy and claims about a bribery attempt sparked some amusing back-and-forth between our commenters.

The funniest moments involve a grammarian and someone who signs himself "John Hickenlooper."

First up, Anonymous has something to say about Maes's latest press release, in which he defiantly refuses to drop out of the governor's race, even if it means scuttling the hopes of conservative Tom Tancredo and handing the office to Democrat John Hickenlooper.

Dan Maes doesn't know the difference between you're and your.

This deficiency didn't bother "John Hickenlooper," who wrote two comments. Here's the first:

Sweet Mother Mary Joseph! For the love of all that is holy, please, please, please Dan, stay in this race!

And the second reads:

Number 1 Dan Maes Supporter Here.

With luck, pollsters will add him to Maes's count in the next survey of likely voters. Check out more first-rate takes in our Comment of the Day archive.

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