Readers: David Sirota wrong in "motherf*cker" bombing -- or maybe Mike Rosen is

Yesterday, we shared KOA vet Mike Rosen's take on being called a "motherfucker" by KHOW's David Sirota at a Battle of the Talk Show Hosts event last week.

Shockingly, reader reactions to his argument were split. Here are two items representing widely disparate points of view.

RichDenver88 writes:

Once again, Mike Rosen brilliantly exposes Left Wing Extremists like Sirota as the petulant, children that they are. Rosen's wisdom and intelligence on the issues reduces Sirota to the juvenile, emotionally unstable, profanity laden idiot that he is. If MFer is the best that Sirota can do once he is clearly emotionally compromised, then that is just sad. The listeners of KHOW deserve better than a lefty hack with a limited vocabulary. Be a man Sirota & apologize for acting like a child.

Boondocker writes:

Pretty ironic. Rosen is always the one who rails against "political correctness," defends insensitive speech as "freedom of expression" and declares that no one has the right not to be offended. And yet here he is, with his pachyderm panties in a wad, whining about being offended by politically incorrect speech being aimed at him. As is typical of conservatives, Mike has a long history of loving to dish it out but being totally incapable of taking it.

For more memorable takes, visit our Comment of the Day archive.

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