Readers: Denver Post no longer relevant to our lives -- or is it?

Our interview yesterday with the Denver Post's Mike Littwin about his column moving to the op-ed pages prompted a nasty attack on the Mile High City's paper of record.

That was followed by a defense of the broadsheet -- sort of.

Denver natives wrote:

The Post no longer is relevant to our lives. Though they shuffle features and columns in the paper, it has withered into a boring product with tired reporters, editors and columnists.

Give us the New York Times with a Rocky Mountain regional insert. Digital is fine. Include fresh, vibrant perspectives that can be found nowhere else. No need to spend more cash or time perusing Denver's lackluster media.

Kbeegle55 replied:

@Denver natives, Yeah, the almighty Times to the rescue. Why, nothing happens around here that's really worth reporting thoroughly anyway, right? The Post has its problems but it's what we've got. Do you Post haters really think we'd be better off without a daily paper here?

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