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Readers: Drivers mainly at fault for car versus bicycle problems

Our post about the League of American Bicyclists' list of the ten best states for cycling (Colorado placed second) featured suggestions for how rules in each could be made even more cycling-friendly. This advice re-sparked the car-versus-bicycle debate, with one reader pointing the finger of blame at those with four wheels, not two.

jmpmk2 writes:

I very occasionally drive my car, and I find it hilarious how defensive the automobile crowd gets during these discussions. The personal automobile needs to be a thing of the past as we embrace urban living as a sustainable lifestyle; and in the meantime, it's nearly effortless to share the road with a cyclist.

Bicycles and public transportation are a better means of traversing a city in just about every regard, and would be even more effective if they weren't inhibited by the ridiculous traffic signs necessary to direct automobiles. The sooner drivers realize how much of a burden they are on progress, the sooner we can start designing urban areas more efficiently.

Thank you to the gentleman the other night, who drove slowly behind us with his horn blaring for nearly a minute, as we rode single-file down the right-most side of a designated bike path (complete with bicycle logo indicator). The situation culminated with the car recklessly cutting off another car to "pass" us, and its passengers screaming "Get a job!" as if lack of employment prevented me from driving my car -- not the exercise, free parking, and a healthy concern for the environment affected my the pollution a automobile creates.

This problem is one-sided.

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