Readers: Is violence the right approach for Occupy Denver?

Kelsey Whipple's continuing coverage of Occupy Denver regularly generates fascinating exchanges.

Here's an example: a pair of comments debating violent protests, affixed to a post about the latest efforts of the kitchen known as the Thunderdome.

Jbonz writes:

To hell with no violence! No change was ever enacted without fighting. Look at the protestors in Greece last week. They (like ourselves) are fucking pissed off at their government for causing such a financial debacle; and they show that anger in the right way. Yeah, it'll cost us some deaths but that's what we will need to sacrifice if we want to overthrow this oppressive yoke strung around our necks. 40 years of oppression is more than enough. Let's start fighting back.

Kim Sidwell responds:

Jbonz, you are wrong. Your attitude only scares people away from this movement and paints participants as criminals... people like you are what gives the police the "excuse" to come in outnumbering us in riot gear. The majority of Americans have not even come close to exhausting their legal and peaceful options to change this country yet (laziness, ignorance, and the rat race that is their life have prevented them from doing so). I think we both agree that the problems we face are very serious, but I believe that change CAN come by educating and motivating Americans to see the truth and encouraging them to make the necessary changes without resorting to violence. Your attitude does exactly the opposite of what we need right now... your saying exactly what "they" want you to say. You're giving "them" an excuse to label you a "bad guy" and you're scaring people away from a movement that they desperately need right now. With all due respect and only the best of intentions, I urge you... please grow up.

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