Readers: Joe Biden is smart and irrefutable -- or a ticking gaffe bomb

Sam Levin's post about Vice President Joe Biden's Arvada appearance, during which he portrayed Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney as a liar who doesn't believe in the average American, prompted a wide range of reactions. Here's two that are about as far apart as can be imagined.

Emerald writes:

Biden makes the Irish proud. Smart, funny, and irrefutable. That's why people attack him personally, because they have no response to his substantive conclusion that Romney is a lying, flip-flopping salesman with no conviction whatsoever. Hey Romney supporters, give us one example where Romney has maintained a consistent position; and "I really, really, really, want to be President" doesn't count.

Paha writes:

Joe Biden is a ticking time (and also a gaffe) bomb, ready to explode whenever he opens his big mouth. He lacks the mental balance and intellect to be a heartbeat away from becoming our President. For that reason alone, Obama must NOT get anyone's vote for a second term. Not to mention the other obvious reasons for NOT voting the Obama ticket: monumental failure of Obama's first term, disastrous economic situation of the country, financial debt Obamama has incurred, NO viable plan for the next 4 years (more of the same failed policies) & for being an incompetent Commander-in-Chief (Benghaze - need I say more?). How can so many Americans be blind to these obvious FACTS. Blinded by their unconditional devotion to Obama, they are willing to destroy this country by re-electing him, and in doing so destroy their own futures. Come on people, see the light and wake-up before its too late.

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