Readers: Nancy Grace Is the Antichrist!

Our post about a lawsuit aimed at Nancy Grace by an innocent man she falsely implied was a "selfie-stalker" using the serial-killer playbook inspired plenty o' vitriol from our readers. Here's a sampling of comments about Ms. Grace.

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Charis Denny Millar writes:

Wouldn't it be awesome if this guy told her to shove any settlement up her ass and made her actually go to court and explain herself? I would tune in every day for that shit!

Richard Vigil writes:

Good I hope she loses and loses her job..... she is the worst type of person and I have always been disgusted by her and her way of spewing filth without proof.

Joslyn Larned writes:

Remove her! It's utterly deplorable that this broad would hype up this story using lame stream media to fear monger. This poor man was deemed a criminal. What's criminal is the fact the higher ups don't feel the need to apologize or rectify. Considering the damages he isn't asking much.

Lisa Critchfield writes:

Really? Only $100,000? Dude, think millions! This woman helps gets pics out for missing kids. BUT....she glorifies herself. NOT God! She also publically judges as if she.IS God... Get over yourself Nancy Grace! Many of us have been horribly victimized, but stop thinking you are God!

Eric Griego writes:

Nancy Grace is the antichrist!

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.