Readers: Two takes on Gary Wegner, Dunstan teacher accused of improper student touching

Our collection of accused teacher and caretaker mug shots prompted two new, and very different, observations about Gary Wegner, a Dunstan Middle School shop teacher accused of improperly touching students. One sees him as innocent of all charges. The other definitely doesn't -- and the contrast demonstrates how difficult cases like this one can be for all involved.

Anonymous wrote:

these accusations are un-believeable, students at that age more than older students are looking for attention i was in his class 5 years ago to this day and never saw such happenings. these are lies and sould be looked into deeper than two girls spreading rumors.

That was countered by a post from Dunstan 7th grader:

i had mr wegner as a homeroom teacher this year before he was arrested. to practically all the girls who had him, they knew he was weird. on the first day of school he grabbed my friends thigh!!! He wouldn't care what we did and always made very inappropriate jokes. I'm glad he's gone.

For more memorable takes, check out our Comment of the Day archive.

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