Readers weigh in on art, food and farming

"Hard Realities," Gretchen Kurtz, July 17

On Guard

I have dined at Guard and Grace twice and no more. I prefer to support the ethos that guides the kitchen at Panzano. G&G is all about conspicuous consumption, and Troy Guard obviously knows how to reel in the stupidest folks with very deep pockets (or stunning credit-card bills).

After two visits, I'm back at Panzano.

G&G exhibits all the capability and artless design that pleases upscale Denver, but is devoid of the kind of passion that once characterized such an experience with warmth, care and pride. My girlfriend's uncle remarked afterward, "It's like Furr's Cafeteria with nicer finishes."

The current trend of noisy dining spaces is out in our book. We want to share the experience with each other, not have a shouting match.
Vic Stevinson
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I can instantly tell I couldn't handle two minutes with Gretchen Kurtz, who just reviewed Guard and Grace. Even if the food sucks there, food critics just come off as such pompous, hoity-toity pricks.
Steve Florentine
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"West Side Story," Michael Paglia, July 24

Street Crud

I appreciated Michael Paglia's review of the new show at Museo de las Americas, Outside in 303. Not only does the art look wonderful, but the exhibit is a smart way to breathe life into a cultural institution. It gives the place street cred, if you will.
Jayne Power

Graffiti should stay on the streets, not at an art show. Go vandalize something. Who gives a shit that you can paint something for a gallery?

Graffiti is from the streets, and it should stay there.
Tony Mims
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"Growing Concerns," Kyle Harris, July 17

Growing Pains

Eastside Growers Collective, Sprout City Farms, Mental Health Center of Denver, The Garden, Grow Local Colorado and Produce for Pantries wish to express their disappointment in the divisive/antagonistic tone of this article, as well as its abundant inaccuracies and misrepresentation of individuals. We are all invested in working together on community-led initiatives, and are taking this opportunity to step back, reflect on what has already been informed by the community and to deepen outreach efforts. It is our intent to work collaboratively and cultivate a project that is guided by a truly engaged local community.

Eastside Growers Collective
Sprout City Farms
Mental Health Center of Denver
The Garden
Grow Local Colorado
Produce for Pantries

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