Readers Weigh In on Trinidad's Drug Wars and Denver's Holiday Lights

"The Snitch Who Stole Christmas," Alan Prendergast, November 27

Copping a Plea

Kudos, Westword, for the exposure of a corrupt police department! Thank you.
Mary Jane Craig
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Add it to the list of ways that police are corrupted. It's sad that there is no solution in sight to this problem or the many others surrounding the police departments across America.
Evan Bergan
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Disgusting and shameful. Each person involved in these cases should be strongly reprimanded, or even terminated.
Jen Cranfill
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Excellent reporting by Alan Prendergast. Please follow up.... Trinidad's criminal injustice system needs a complete cleaning.
L.F. Wolfe
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"The Light Stuff," Patricia Calhoun, November 27

Denver's Dim Bulbs

Denver doesn't have to do garish, tasteless and riotous; we could opt for restrained, beautiful and subtle instead. Ditch the ugly floodlights and the giant boxes; try substituting small lights and living trees.Robert Chase

Trendsetting a mile higher than the rest.
Nina Felony
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I miss Denver! The only thing Salt Lake is first in is Mormon churches!
Kathie Contreraz
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Thanks for the fun holiday story, a good Thanksgiving read. There was a lot of information I didn't know — and it was a welcome break from Patricia Calhoun's obsession with Sand Creek.
B.T. Howard

"Family Secrets," Patricia Calhoun, November 20

Invasive Species

Way to go with the Sand Creek series! Regarding our forebears: One must realize that we are dealing with the descendants of violent, booze-soaked miscreants from Europe who invaded this continent while under assumptions leading from the ethical ambiguity of a warped philosophical mindset as describing Manifest Destiny, a racist ideology sold to willing Europeans by bigoted imperialists in the last centuries and imposed by genocidal force of arms against the varied cultures and the very existence of the indigenous on this continent.

The actions of our forebears are inexcusable, and they explain much about the biases of their descendants and their institutionalized racism and hypocritical xenophobia regarding immigration.
Bill Korosec

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