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Reba Doyle gets jail time, probation for baby slap caught on video

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Last October, we shared the unsettling story of Reba Doyle and Scott Liles, who were caught on video striking and shaking their baby.

Now, Doyle has been sentenced to jail time and probation for the incident. Continue for the details and the clip, which -- warning -- some readers may find disturbing.

As we reported, the footage of Doyle and Liles was originally broadcast by 9News, which revealed that an acquaintance of the couple who'd previously shared suspicions of child abuse captured the video in September. She then showed the clip to a friend, who passed it along to the Greeley Police Department.

The Facebook pages of Doyle and Liles give no indication that anything was awry. While Liles's page sports photos and memes supporting Second Amendment rights, including this one...

...it also includes a great many photos of two happy, smiling children. Likewise, his profile pic is a family friendly image of Liles and Doyle with the older of the kids, who we've cropped out of the shot: As for Doyles's page, it's now been stripped of most images -- but prior to her arrest, the only photos on it were of an adorable baby. Even a sonogram was spotlighted: To put it mildly, there's a complete disconnect between such pics and those captured on the video. In the clip, Doyle can be seen slapping the crying baby three times, while Liles is on view shaking the eleven-month-old in a seat while holding the child's head.

According to an arrest affidavit accessed by 9News, Doyle and Liles initially denied having abused the baby, but acknowledged their actions after being shown the video.

Doyle was subsequently arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor child abuse, and she pleaded guilty to the charge in March. Now, according to the 19th Judicial District DA's office, she's been sentenced to ten days in jail on top of the 34 days she previously served prior to posting bond, plus two-years' worth of probation and 24 hours of public service.

As for Liles, he faces charges of misdemeanor child abuse and reckless endangerment, to which he has pleaded not guilty. His trial is scheduled to get underway on June 11.

Here are booking photos of Doyle and Liles, followed by the 9News report. As we noted earlier, some might find the content objectionable.

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