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Riot gear and LoDo nightlife: two great things that go great together

Denver city councilman Doug Linkhart tells the Rocky Mountain News that the millions in police gear purchased for the Democratic National Convention might be put to good use in LoDo -- a suggestion that's not exactly a party starter. Granted, he specifically mentions video surveillance equipment that might be installed near "graffiti hot spots" -- and allows that riot gear, pepper spray and the like "hopefully" won't be needed on a nightly basis and can be stored until the next big event comes to town. But it's gotta be pretty tempting to know all that cool stuff is just sitting there, ready to be used on the next person who tries to cut in line at The Church or wears a tacky outfit into Vinyl. Come on, guys! If we dispatched the sort of Kevlar-clad troops we grew accustomed to seeing during the DNC, we could have the best behaved club-goers in the country. If you're going to get down, do it the right way. Or else. -- Michael Roberts

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