R.I.P. Boulder theatrical veteran Frank Georgianna

Just learned about the death yesterday of Frank Georgianna, co-founder of the late, lamented Boulder Repertory Theatre, following a long illness. Among the most appropriate tributes to Frank and his work to be found in Westword's archives is a Best of Denver award saluting his wife and collaborator, Ernestine, back in 2003, shortly after her passing. The category was "Best -- and Most Missed -- Theatrical Inspiration."

The item reads: "The Boulder Rep is still vivid in the minds of most Boulder theater aficionados. Founded by Frank and Ernestine Georgianna in 1974, the company mounted challenging, exquisitely staged contemporary plays and acted in a variety of around-town venues through the year 2000. Frank was a visionary theatrical force through all those years, both as actor and director, but it was Ernestine, executive producer, costume designer, and keenly incisive watcher and critic who kept things humming behind the scenes. Lovingly tended by Frank over the past two years, Ernestine died November 27 of complications from Alzheimer's disease."

When we receive information about a memorial, we'll pass it along.

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