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Reader: Stop Whining About Road Construction, Snowflakes!

Reader: Stop Whining About Road Construction, Snowflakes!
Michael Roberts
There's so much road work in Denver right now that getting from one point to another without sprouting an epic migraine is practically impossible, Michael Roberts said earlier this week, after getting caught in the mess that is RiNo. And that's just one of the construction zones around town. "I can handle occasional inconveniences if I know the resulting improvements will eventually prevent me from going through all seven stages of grief while traveling on I-25 during rush hour," he wrote. "Problem is, undertakings designed to make commuting better are happening at the same time that new construction projects are sprouting up all over town — and many of them necessitate blockages and/or detours."

But some reader have little sympathy. Says JR Ewing: 
Welcome to Denver, snowflakes, that's the way it is. There is a small window for road-construction season due to the weather. Tune up the car, check the a/c and get in line. Be nice to each other. You wanted to live here. 
Adds Wendy:
If you don't like it, then get out of your car and walk, bike (we can often get around these in seconds while you sit in your car spewing fumes, wasting gas and getting angry), or sit on a bus in traffic and pass the time reading or chatting with your fellow busmates.

I'm astonished at how upset y'all are about the delays when drivers are the ones pushing for more construction to add lanes, which will add more traffic, which leads to calls for more lanes and road expansions which mean more cars and traffic...and on the cycle goes. 
And Pete says: 

It's called rebuilding infrastructure to keep up with demand. We are lucky to have the money to do it! So many other cities are falling apart while we live in a thriving metropolis. Stop your whining!
But Susan responds:
Again, all of these people moving here in a short amount of time causes a problem. "Natives" are upset and have a right to voice how they feel, because you people pushed your way in here and made our lives difficult. Some of us are barely getting by when we should be comfortable. This isn't about whining; this is about a loss of standards of living, not being able to afford a home or even apartment for your family, not being able to afford groceries for them because you make too much to qualify for assistance but too little to afford your rent, mortgage.
What do you think of all the road work around Denver? Keep reading for some of our recent coverage.

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