Rob Corry calls latest Tom Massey-Chris Romer medical marijuana bill a "multi-layered bureaucratic monstrosity"

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Rogue Agent Sweetin is joined by Acting U.S. Attorney for Colorado David Gaouette, who confirms the view that medical marijuana is a violation of federal laws. The U.S. Attorney's Office further confirms that the federal government will continue to ignore the Colorado Constitution: "Possession or distribution of any quantity of marijuana, for any purpose, remains illegal as a matter of federal law throughout the State of Colorado. [Federal prosecutors have] the discretion to prosecute individual cases of possession and distribution without regard to state law," wrote Assistant U.S. Attorney Stephanie Podolak in a brief filed in federal court.

HB 1284's transparency, posting requirements, unconstitutional repeal of confidentiality, and government licenses in a public database, would serve up, on a silver platter, vulnerable people to be eaten by the voracious armed and dangerous DEA monster. HB 1284, if it becomes law, would place Coloradans in harm's way if they tried to comply with it.

And if you think the Colorado Attorney General will protect Colorado patients from the DEA, think again. Colorado's chief law enforcement official takes the side of the federal government, his former employer, against the people and the Constitution he swore to uphold: "Through a spokesman, Colorado Attorney General John Suthers concurred with the Podolak brief, citing the argument 'that no state law can, by its own force, create an exception to federal provisions criminalizing the possession, manufacture and the distribution of marijuana... From our standpoint, there is no gray area in federal law. Marijuana is still illegal," said Suthers' spokesman Mike Saccone."

Specific comments on the bill follow:

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