Rocky Mountain News vet Jeff Legwold to join Denver Post

Jeff Legwold, who reported on the Denver Broncos for the Rocky Mountain News, will be covering the same beat for the Denver Post. His inclusion on the staff surprised some in the journalism community not because of anything having to do with Legwold, who has a reputation as an energetic reporter with a strong, clear prose style, but due to the widely regarded presumption that the Post has been operating under a de facto hiring freeze. Note that business reporter Gargi Chakrabarty, another Rocky refugee, and fellow business scribe Elizabeth Aguilera left the paper in May and June, respectively, and neither position was filled. Instead, internal shifts were made to compensate for their absences.

Was the Post able to snap up Legwold because of these previous departures? If so, why beef up sports, which has one of the larger staffs at the broadsheet, when Business is down two bodies? Editor Greg Moore declines to answer these or other questions about Legwold's arrival. Beyond e-mailing that "I am very happy to be able to bring Jeff aboard," he noted that he has nothing to add to an internal memo in which he wrote: "Jeff's addition gives us our strongest team yet on one of our biggest beats, which promises to be very busy this year."

True enough -- and sports continues to be one of the Post's strengths in terms of both quality and popularity. As for hires in other departments, well, here's hoping.

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To The Staff:

We are pleased to announce that Jeff Legwold, formerly of the Rocky Mountain News, will be joining our Broncos coverage team of Mike Klis, our lead Broncos writer, and Lindsay Jones. Jeff's addition gives us our strongest team yet on one of our biggest beats, which promises to be very busy this year. Jeff has covered the Broncos and the NFL for the past five years, and before that spent nearly 10 years covering the Tennessee Titans in Nashville. Jeff grew up in Chicago and graduated from the University of Illinois in 1985. He got his start as a sports writer in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., and has also covered the NFL for papers in Rochester, N.Y., and Pittsburgh. He will be a big contributor in print and online. Jeff starts next Monday. Please welcome him to The Post.


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