Sarah Powell: Meet The Bachelor's other CO contestant, sans Madison McKinley's fangs

Madison McKinley is the Colorado contestant on The Bachelor who's getting the most attention. And no wonder, given McKinley's vampire fangs and recent turn as a blood-donation dominatrix. But she's not the only woman seeking a love match with douchebag Brad Womack this season.

Meet Denver's own Sarah Powell, aka Sarah P.

Powell's Bachelor bio, on view below, identifies her as a real estate broker, although the Denver Post's Bill Husted reports that she's also a server at LoDo's Bar & Grill in Highlands Ranch.

On the season's two episodes thus far, she hasn't made much of an impression, tending to blend in with the other similarly blond and pretty contestants. But host Chris Harrison's blog for Entertainment Weekly suggests she's got more of a spark than we've seen thus far. In segments that didn't make the final cut of Monday's edition, he writes that she dove into a pool with her clothes on, followed closely by McKinley. She also conspired with Ashley S. and Lindsay to protect themselves against Madison's vampirism, making crosses from branches found in the backyard of the group home and stuffing cloves of garlic under mattresses.

If she keeps up such shenanigans, producers will have to give her a longer look, won't they? Here's a larger photo and her aforementioned Bachelor bio:




Real Estate Broker


Denver, CO

If you were stranded on a desert island what 3 things would you bring and why?

My Mom -- I could never get sick of her Wine -- this would make us laugh a lot Cheese -- want some cheese with that wine

Tattoo Count:



A heart on the back of my neck and a shamrock in a private area.

I love it when my date...

Makes me laugh and compliments me. Basically putting a smile on my face.

What is your worst date memory?

Went on a blind date, double date with parents (got set up by mom), and him leaving me at the end to go play with his dog!

Tell us something we didn't ask:

I have been raising my nephew with my sister for the past two years. It's my turn and I'm ready to find love and build a family of my own.

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