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Satire-haters, rejoice: Max Karson has left the building

Max Karson.

Looks like Coloradans won't have Max Karson to kick around anymore.

Karson, as you'll recall, was a University of Colorado Boulder student who specialized in angering the populace -- and providing fodder for media members like yours truly. Remember the 2006 controversy over an article in his self-published newsletter, The Yeti, that set out to debunk "the myth of the female orgasm" in a way that critics saw as making light of rape? (The Yeti's website seems to have vanished, but the curious should be able to get an idea about the publication by clicking this cached link.) And who could forget the brouhaha over "If It's War the Asians Want...," another slab of satire that many readers mistook for racism? This last salvo nearly took down CU's Campus Press, which subsequently launched an independence bid after being blamed in many quarters for letting Karson spout off.

Now, however, he's pulled up stakes.

According to the Boulder Daily Camera, Karson's record has been wiped clean of another prominent mark -- evidence of his April 2007 arrest immediately following that month's massacre at Virginia Tech, for joking in class about things that would send him into a homicidal rage, including fluorescent lights. All Karson had to do was stay out of trouble with the law for a full year, and somehow he managed. And while he hasn't officially completed all the course work needed to earn a CU degree, he's already split for San Francisco, reportedly to pursue a literary career.

Are you kidding? Who are we going to write about now? -- Michael Roberts

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.