Scott D. Smith, photographer, updates copyright fight with country station 92.5 The Wolf

Earlier this month, we shared the story of photographer Scott D. Smith, who accuses 92.5 The Wolf of stealing 21 of his images from rival KYGO and then refusing to pay him for their use.

Now, Smith has taken to the post's comments section to update readers about the latest developments.

Scott D. Smith writes:

I have been quiet the last week about 92.5 The Wolf and their theft of 21 of my images and I wanted to let everyone know why. I was sent a "cease and desist" letter from the attorney for 92.5 The Wolf. They are angry because I let their advertisers know what they were up to and it pissed them off. From now on I am not allowed to contact their advertisers, or in any way let them know what the radio station has done to me by stealing my images or they will sue me. Looks like a nerve was struck! In that same letter, they wrote "Feel free to contact me to discuss reasonable compensation to you for the brief time 'YOUR' photographs were posted on The Wolf's website". So, they are finally admitting the images they used illegally are mine and they are offering to compensate me for their use. I spoke with their attorney and told him what I thought was "Fair Compensation". He said he would get back to me with their response so I gave him a week out of respect. I have not heard back from him as of yet so I am now going to resume my campaign against 92.5 The Wolf. I will not be contacting their advertisers, because I respect the law unlike 92.5 The Wolf, but I have no intention of "ceasing or desisting" in my fight to let everyone know what they have done. I want to thank all of you that helped push this as far as it has gone. It could not have been done without your support. I also want to ask you to keep going, keep doing what you have been doing to let everyone know about this so maybe it can be resolved and other creative artists will know that you can protect your work from being used without your permission and you can take a stand against corporations that feel they can do what they want and get away with it. I'll keep you posted on what happens next!

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