Shmuck of the Week: Scott McInnis

It pains me to bestow such a dishonor on someone with such an honorable mustache, but this week's Knight of Shmuck must be former Congressman Scott McInnis, who's taking one of the more bizarre approaches to governorship since Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse Ventura.

After months of not-so-subtly announcing his intention to seek the GOP's gubernatorial nomination, McInnis this week officially announced his bid. But he did it with all the publicity of Leper Tweetup.

Perhaps that's because McInnis's constant "unofficial" campaigning has made him Topic No. 1 at all the cool Ethics Police parties, leaving him leery about making too big of a splash. Or perhaps he simply doesn't get that in order to win votes, people -- not just basement-bound political bloggers, but actual, nose-breathing people -- have to know that you're running, and why.

Either way, he betrayed the audaciousness of his facial hair. After all, if you're going to flaunt ethics codes, you should do it with pizazz. He should have blown it out.

He should have spent all the donations he's been stealthily soliciting and bought the halftime show at the Nuggets' next home game. He should have paid Rocky the mascot $1,500 to let him get in the suit. Then he should have ridden in on a motorcycle, jumped that shit through a flaming picture of Ritter's face, thrown off the Rocky mask, grabbed a mic, yelled "I'm in!," dropped the mic, punched Sasha Vujacic in the Spaldings, sat in Mike Tirico's lap, ordered a beer, shotgunned it, and basked in the glow of his impending nomination.

Instead, he ... quietly filed papers? Dude, either act ethically, or act like a raving lunatic. Anything in between is pure Shmuck.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.