Should a tofu lover's license plate be rated NC-17? FU...

Credit those sharp-eyed folks at the Division of Motor Vehicles for realizing that Kelley Coffman-Lee's tofu-praising vanity license-plate request -- which read "ILVTOFU" -- might be read as an endorsement of, er, something else. Coffman-Lee wasn't trying to slip a naughty reference past the bureaucrats, unlike the maybe real/maybe not creators of the plate above, which makes a different statement when seen in a rear-view mirror than it does head on. Hence, she has more in common with Henry DeRossi, a 78-year-old New Yorker who was merely trying to boast about his expertise in the scrap-metal game when he commissioned a plate that reads "XXX PERT." Click "Continue" to see a TV station try to squeeze a story out of that. Oh, Henry.


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