Should Colorado's new slogan be "It's all downhill from here"?

When Colorado's new brand is introduced next week, it will have a brand-spanking new tag line to go with it. Last month makingcolorado.com, the website that's been collecting input and keeping people posted on the project's progress, listed two possibilities that sounded like Cialis ads: "Rise" and "Ever Upwards." Those no longer appear on the site (though you can still see many other nominations submitted by creative Coloradans), but last week we were leaked a few more equally uninspiring finalists: "It's In Our Nature," "Live the Life You Want" and "Rising."

Is it too late to nominate one more? "Colorado: It's all downhill from here."

It's got everything: humor, a reference to altitude that does not include the word "high" (a no-no, given official concerns that this state already looks too cannabis-crazy), and a true Colorado character behind it.

The proposed slogan comes from Doug Campbell, head of this state's chapter of the American Constitution Party, and the man who stepped aside to allow Tom Tancredo to pick his own running mate when Tancredo made his attention- and vote-grabbing run for governor as the American Constitution Party's candidate in 2010. Democrat John Hickenlooper won that race, but since Tancredo wound up with over 36 percent of the vote, the American Constitution Party is now a major political party in this state, a development Campbell does not love.

"We are forced into running our party the way the Democrats and the Republicans tell us to run our party," he says. "We're forced to follow the same statutes that they created for themselves, instead of running our party the way we want to run it.... We've had zero benefit."

But while he does not love being head of a minor major political party, "we love Colorado," Campbell says.

And he thinks his proposed slogan captures that. "It's a top of-the-world kind of thing," he says. "Colorado has the majority of Fourteeners in the country, and the headwaters of at least six or seven major rivers. We have more ski areas than any other state, and it occured to me that our airport is the highest-altitude international airport in the country. Hey -- it is all downhill from here."

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.