A photo of DNC protester Alicia Forrest about to be shoved to the ground by a Denver Police officer.

Should Denver cop have been charged in scuffle with DNC protester? You be the judge

So the Denver Police officer who was captured on Rocky Mountain News videotape -- and in Westword photos like the one here -- roughly shoving CodePink protester Alicia Forrest to the ground during the Democratic National Convention isn't being charged with wrongdoing? Mmmm-kay. And the reason? District Attorney's office spokeswoman Lynn Kimbrough told the Rocky that "a thorough review of all the evidence compels the conclusion that a woman failed to comply with repeated lawful police orders to move back... She then grabbed an officer's baton, pushing it away. The officer pushed back, using the baton, and the woman fell to the ground. She was not injured. It was these facts that were considered in the decision."

You, too, can consider the evidence against the officer; his name hasn't been officially released, but an enlargement of the photo above reveals the moniker "Stewart" and the badge number 0520 on his uniform. Click here to see photos by Westword's Bert Ross taken before and after the incident -- and press "More" to see the video. -- Michael Roberts

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