Silverio Nuanez, neighbor from hell: DA files suit against owner of meth "flop house"

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Nuanez lives at 330 Collyer Street in Longmont, and as captured in the following interactive graphic (if you have problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map"), the place looks nice enough:

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Despite its modest size, though, the house apparently has had lots of people living in it over time, with an incident in December apparently snapping the last straw. As reported by the Longmont Times Call, a 5:15 a.m. raid turned up thirteen residents, including an infant, with conditions described as "squalid."

Who were these people? Well, the search warrant in the case features a neighbor describing "an endless stream of addicts banging on the all times of the day and night." And in 2012, Nuanez, who's listed as the property's owner along with his wife, who passed away in 2009, told police he was a meth user who let others with the habit stay there because he enjoys their company.

The complaint alleges something more, however. An excerpt reads: "Mr. Nuanez has stated to associates that he has been trading narcotics for rent at his house, thus allowing his home to become a 'flop house' for methamphetamine users."

No wonder police officers are so familiar with Chez Nuanez. The document counts 114 calls for service since January 2008, with a wide variety of complaints represented. They include (deep breath):

Criminal mischief; civil problems; parking complaints; disturbances; drunk subjects; noise complaints; loose dog; warrant arrests for wanted parties; domestic disturbance; narcotics complaints; theft; restraining order violations; trespass; harassment; summons issued; unwanted parties; assault; loitering; and suspicious persons/activities.
And that's not to mention the assorted SWAT team raids, outlined in the complaint like so:

• In August, 2011, two people were reportedly arrested and two bags of meth were found, along with drug paraphernalia.

• In October 2012, three people were arrested, and five bags of meth were discovered.

• In the aforementioned December 2013 raid, five people were arrested, but no drugs were found, apparently because residents were able to flush their stashes down the toilet before cops entered. But drug paraphernalia and a stolen bicycle were located, as was an infestation of bed bugs -- only one reason the four month old living there was turned over to social services.

All of this activity frustrates those living near Nuanez, as well as the staff and congregation of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, directly across the street.

Continue for more about the complaint filed against Silverio Nuanez, including additional photos and the complete document.
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