Singing Up a Storm

This week's Message column focuses upon local TV forecasters, who've been berated by plenty of viewers simply for delivering updates about our current rash of inclement weather without looking suicidal. Channel 9's Marty Coniglio (pictured) has gotten similar reactions over the past several months, but he's not laying low. Indeed, he recently risked public ridicule on a large scale -- by singing at a sporting event.

"I did the '9NEWS Night' at the Rocky Mountain Rage game out at the Broomfield Events Center," Coniglio notes via e-mail. "I've never done the National Anthem before at any event and it's been twenty-plus years since I've sung in front of an audience.

"I grew up in a pretty musical family and did some musical theater as a kid," he continues. "In high school and beyond I was in a couple of bluegrass bands and sang lead and tenor for about five years. It's a hobby; I still play guitar and mandolin. So I sing songs that I like from all different genres of music."

How did it go? "So far, I haven't heard from anyone who hated it," he maintains. "So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I got away with it."

Apparently, Rage fans approved of Coniglio's vocalizing -- even those enraged by the series of snowstorms that keep dumping their load on our fair city. -- Michael Roberts

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