Slumdog Millionaire's triumph also a victory for the Denver Film Festival

The eight Oscars collected last night by Slumdog Millionaire during last night's 81st Academy Awards presentation didn't just reflect well on the Hollywood film community, which chose to reward an oddball tale chock-a-block with subtitles and set in the unlikely locale of Mumbai, India. It also rewards the taste and foresight of Britta Erickson of the Denver Film Festival. Erickson is largely credited with selecting Slumdog Millionaire to shine in the 2008 "Big Night," among the fest's annual spotlight presentations -- and shine it did. Moreover, as noted in the November 17 post "Slumdog Millionaire Makes For a Big Night at the Denver Film Festival," this prescient choice echoed an equally fine one made the previous year: Juno, the Ellen Page charmer that earned an Oscar for screenwriter Diablo Cody, was the fest's Big Night choice in 2007.

No doubt studios will be clamoring to be considered for the DFF's next Big Night, which just became one of 2009's most anticipated cultural events among Denver filmgoers.

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