Smoke and Mirrors

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All the finger-pointing makes Vigil mutter under his breath. The evidence in his book, which he's discussing at a conference in San Antonio this month, stands on its own. "The Crusade was on a list by law enforcement agencies to be destroyed," he says. "This was one way to do it."

If he had the time and inclination, Vigil could write another book just on Haro's book--how it came to be, and why.

Suppose, Vigil says, that Haro has been deliberately manipulated by certain people to distort history. Suppose these people once held powerful positions within the Crusade but were cut loose for grandstanding, among other things. Suppose these people stand to benefit by distorting the Gonzales legacy. Suppose these people are alive and well and plotting at this moment.

Then again, that's another theory.

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Harrison Fletcher