Snowpacalypse fails to materialize, letting down crisis-ready TV news stations (VIDEO)

Sorry, Mr. President. The predicted SNOBAMA storm hasn't been nearly fierce enough to trap you in the Mile High City. But while we're bummed the visiting commander in chief won't get a chance to sample our ten best things to do in Denver while stranded list, there are compensations -- like watching TV stations expecting the worst reporting about a thoroughly ho-hum initial blast of winter.

Last night, the stations I surfed past seemed to be competing with each other to tout how early their storm coverage would begin -- 4:30 a.m.! No, 4:00! -- and the number of correspondents who'd be standing on street corners wearing furry hats, puffy jackets and stylist mukluks. But this morning, said reporters stationed around the metro area didn't have much to show other than picturesque flakes twinkling in the air and traffic moving pretty smoothly -- which makes sense, since most of the roads were wet and slushy with the occasional patch of ice, not snow-packed and treacherous. Hence, there have been no major school closures in Denver and contiguous districts, and few late starts.

Sorry, kids: Your prayers weren't answered.

The resulting coverage is a reminder that weather forecasting remains an inexact science, despite the metaphysical certitude with which weather predictors typically deliver their prognostications.

Look below to see last night's 9News forecast, in which anchors Kyle Clark and Kim Christiansen and forecaster Kathy Sabine are clearly rooting for a big snowfall that failed to materialize.

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