Some -- but not all -- of Mark Brandl's card art returned after Belmar misunderstanding

The January 30 blog "Those Cards Weren't Giveaways, Belmar Attendees" reported that the previous evening, some of the 900 folks who went to an event at The Lab at Belmar apparently thought items on the magazine rack pictured here were freebies. In fact, these elaborately painted cards were part of an installation by artist Mark Brandl -- and since then, Lab workers have been trying to round them up. Fortunately, some progress has been made. According to an e-mail from Jillian Allison, a development assistant at the Lab, "We now have eighteen and are looking for thirteen more." She adds, "We also received a special edition of signed prints from the artist that he is offering in exchange for originals. People who return works will be given their own piece to take home -- we really are giving these away."

In a comment attached to the original post, Brandl elaborates: "Yes, PLEASE return my art! I'm in shock about this. I have exhibited these works in this way in many places, indeed many countries, and NEVER had any stolen! I need them for more shows! And some already belong to other people. I have given Belmar an original print to give to everyone who returns a painting, in exchange for your forthrightness. So please spread the word and do the right thing! Thanks!"

Contact the Lab at 303-934-1777 if one or more of the cards went home with you. Brandl and the Lab's personnel will be eternally grateful if you do.

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