Some required reading by Amber Taufen

Amber Taufen, one of the Westword staffers laid off yesterday, served as the paper's assistant calendar editor -- a position that calls for an ability to write well and often about a vast variety of topics and events. She did so with skill and lively wit -- but she also occasionally got a chance to stretch out, particularly online. As a participant in a 2006 stunt in which Westword created a bogus cast of MTV's Real World: Denver, she was a natural to document the show itself. This link will take you to her sassy analysis of episode 19. In addition, she conducted a number of intriguing Q&As with writers and artists, including a chat with Now and Zen author Mark Richardson and a conversation with Call + Response director Justin Dillon. And she collaborated with Susan Froyd to provide two views of High School Musical -- the touring version.

Enjoy. -- Michael Roberts


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