Some required reading by Lisa Rab

It's been a mighty tough year or so for Lisa Rab, one of the staff writers laid off at Westword yesterday. She came to Denver from the Cleveland Scene, a onetime Village Voice Media property whose assets were sold to another firm and its archives taken offline. Hence, her award-winning work for the publication is no longer available for easy linking. But in her brief stint at Westword, she still managed to make her mark with three strong features: the September piece "It Takes More Than a Stabbing to Get Arrested in Cherry Creek," the October effort "America's Promise to Protect Asylum-Seekers Gets Lost in the Paperwork" and the November offering "There's No Place for Somali Refugees in Greeley."

This trio spotlights a journalist who demonstrates why there's still a need for long-form journalism in this short-attention-span techno-revolution in which we live. -- Michael Roberts


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