Speechifying at the Rocky Mountain News candelight rally

In the January 23 blog "Details About Next Week's Candlelight Rally for the Rocky Mountain News," reporter John Ensslin, one of the event's organizers, said, "There'll be no speechifying. It'll be just a silent, dignified, elegant way to express our concern, affection and support for the paper."

Judging by the video above, which is posted on IWantMyRocky.com, a website created to generate support for the paper, which was put up for sale last month by its owner, E.W. Scripps, things didn't quite work out that way at the display itself, which took place last night at the Denver Newspaper Agency building. As you'll see, local historian Tom Noel opined in character as William Byers, the paper's founder, before firing up the first wick, declaring, among other things, that Denver wouldn't be the city it is today without the Rocky. Something else was different, too: Ensslin was hoping 150 people would show up -- one for each year of the Rocky's life -- but an article in the Denver Post, its increasingly bitter rival, estimates that about 300 folks were on hand. Look for additional coverage by Westword's Melanie Asmar later today.

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