Station loves response to skanky-anchors magazine cover

One more thing from our conversation with Channel 31/The Deuce general manager Dennis Leonard, who previously weighed in on furloughs at the outlets that went into effect around the time executives sailed off on a Caribbean cruise, as well as a frightening MRSA infection that required a biological cleaning crew to be called. The subject: a recent cover of Denver Magazine on which anchors Libby Weaver and Natalie Tysdale struck jugs-exposing poses that seemed to have been snapped seconds before they began exploring the various boudoir implications of the number 69. Leonard begins by thanking us for our extensive coverage, which also included a Photoshop blog where we imagined what other Denver celebrities would look like in those erection-inducing outfits (I'll never look at John Hickenlooper the same again). And he was just as excited by the reaction of the community at large. "We had a great response from viewers, a tremendous response on our website," he enthused.

As for questions about whether the images undermined the journalistic credibility of the pair (or should I say the quartet), Leonard shrugs them off. "Libby and Natalie are really proud of their work," he stresses, "and I think the photos gave them the chance to show that they are very multi-faceted individuals." (And multi-dimensional, too.) He adds, "They're professionals and they work hard, but they like to have some fun along with it."

No kidding. Their husbands must be very understanding -- and very excited.

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