Steady as You Go

"A quarter of a century later, John Elway sells food; Stapleton is a neighborhood, not an airport; the 16th Street Mall is going strong -- and so is CRL!" That's how Maria Garcia Berry (pictured) begins the announcement that her political/lobbying firm is marking its 25th birthday.

The announcment goes on to list CRL's current roster -- and conspicuous by its absence is the name of Greg Kolomitz, the firm's former president, who took a leave to mastermind Bill Ritter's victorious campaign and coined the nickname "energizer turtle" for the future governor, whose slow and very steady pace won the race.

Kolomitz is still doing some work for Ritter, but not from his old post at CRL; he's made his leave permanent and is now head of his own outfit, Solutions West, with an office on Colfax. Although he'll be doing some government affairs work and also be involved in planning for the Democratic National Convention next year, Kolomitz says Solutions West will concentrate on coalition-building and grassroots work (very un-CRL). And it's just possible that, given the success of that energizer turtle's campaign, Kolomitz might get involved in another race or two. -- Patricia Calhoun

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