Denver Radio Star Steffan Tubbs Hospitalized With COVID-19

A photo of Steffan Tubbs from 2018, when he came aboard at KNUS, juxtaposed with a shot from earlier this year.
A photo of Steffan Tubbs from 2018, when he came aboard at KNUS, juxtaposed with a shot from earlier this year. @SWTubbs
Steffan Tubbs, a longtime Denver radio personality and documentary filmmaker who's manned the afternoon-drive program at KNUS since early 2018, is currently hospitalized with COVID-19.

His May 27 show had a guest host, and at 3:08 a.m. today, May 28, Tubbs tweeted, "It is COVID that has me away. Thanks for the concern and prayers. Getting good hospital care."

Tubbs got his start in the Denver radio market in 1994 as the host of KOA's popular Colorado Morning News. His tenure ended after his August 2017 arrest on a controversial charge that was subsequently dismissed; he resurfaced early the next year on KNUS, a station with a decidedly conservative approach.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous KNUS hosts have decried shutdown orders and safety protocols related to the novel coronavirus — perhaps most notably attorney Randy Corporon, who represented Bandimere Speedway after a July 4, 2020, event that attracted around 7,000 mostly unmasked attendees.

But the station's take on COVID-19 hasn't been universal. Morning-drive personality Peter Boyles has stirred up the audience over his unwillingness to act as a denier of the disease (as well as his belief that Donald Trump lost the 2020 presidential election to Joe Biden), and Tubbs has focused on a range of other issues — many of them featured in his 2020 documentary Denver in Decay, which castigated the city for its response to last summer's social justice protests. Indeed, his 3 a.m. tweet marks the first time the word "COVID" has appeared in one of his Twitter messages in 2021.

Westword has reached out to Tubbs, who recently traveled to attend a child's graduation ceremonies. According to Boyles, speaking on the air this morning, Tubbs had not been vaccinated.

This post has been updated to include Peter Boyles's comments about Steffan Tubbs's vaccination status.
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