Stephany Bauderer Busted After Kidnapping by Man She Loves and Loathes on Facebook

First, Stephany Bauderer was reported as having been kidnapped. Next, word went out that she'd been found safe as law enforcers continued to search for her alleged abductor. And then, reports surfaced that police had arrested her on unrelated warrants.

That's a lot of ups and downs -- but judging by Bauderer's Facebook postings about Montoya, their relationship has been a similar kind of roller coaster for quite a while. Photos and details below.

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Montoya is a tattoo artist of great skill -- something Bauderer acknowledges in a post that's otherwise not especially complimentary.

The September 17 item's photo....

...is accompanied by a note that reads: "Sick ass picture I just saw for the first time, didn't even know it was drawn on me till just now. Too bad who drew it isn't who I prayed he was and I'm going to miss him more than he'll ever know...."

This sentimental tone contrasts with a comment Bauderer shared in a subsequent conversation ("Done -- all you'll get from him is games and cold, heartless bullshit"), not to mention a number of graphics Bauderer posted over recent months, including this one....

...and this one: But on October 1, Bauderer reconsidered her views in a big way. The Facebook post (her most recent) begins, "I just want to let everyone know I'm super in love with my boyfriend Timothy Montoya." She adds, "I'm sorry what I said about him. He is an amazing tattoo artist...the best I've ever seen. And he's my everything! Love you so much, sexy!!"

Just over a week later, the situation apparently changed in a big way.

Continue for more about the alleged kidnapping of Stephany Bauderer, including additional photos. At about 10 a.m. on Friday, October 10, according to the Adams County Sheriffs Office, deputies were sent to the 1000 block of West Erie Street, near Greenwood Boulevard, on a report of a kidnapping in progress.

Bauderer is said to have been forced into a 1995 gold Ford Explorer with a Colorado dealer license plate reading 845-GWO as part of what the ACSO described as a domestic violence incident with Montoya.

The urgency to find Bauderer was underscored by Montoya's criminal record, which 7News reported as totaling ten pages. Charges against him over the years included sexual assault, assault with a deadly weapon, vehicle theft, drug possession and more. The station highlighted a 2003 case in which he pleaded guilty to felony trespassing and misdemeanor sexual contact without consent after burglarizing a home and victimizing someone found inside. His punishment: five years in prison.

Yesterday morning, the ACSO updated the kidnapping story on Facebook with this brief statement: "Friday's kidnapping victim is safe. Suspect still at-large." However, there's much more to the story. 9News notes that Bauderer was found in Thornton on Sunday -- after which she was arrested on what are described as "unrelated warrants."

Meanwhile, Montoya remains at large as of this writing. He's five-feet nine-inches tall, weighs around 170 pounds and has brown hair and hazel eyes. Authorities think he may be armed. If you spot him, you're encouraged to dial 911.

Look below to see a previous mug shot of Montoya, followed by one of Bauderer.

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