Still wishing for $1.85 per gallon gas?

Saw this sticker on the back of a truck the other day and couldn't help thinking how quickly its message has dated. Not the oral sex part, of course: That's timeless -- although I suspect that people of all political persuasions would be disturbed by thoughts of an intern giving Barack Obama a hummer. But mere months ago, when we were paying around $4 per gallon, the prospect of $1.85 per gallon gas seemed as unlikely as the Broncos playing consistently. This morning, however, the King Soopers by my house is selling gas for $1.59 per gallon, not counting the three cent discount available to anyone who bothers to get a free Sooper Card -- and that's actually up a few pennies from earlier in the week. Looks like that driver will have to come up with a new dream. Not including the oral sex part, of course. -- Michael Roberts


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