Stoner MacGyver marijuana product review: Vapor Kryptonite personal vaporizer

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What is it, dude? A stealth miniature vaporizer.

How much coin will it run me? $100 for the one we reviewed, but there are a few other cheaper models out as well.

Where can I get one? Check the Vapor website at for the skinny on that 411, bro-brah.

I've always been a one-hitter kind of guy when it came to stealth cannabis consumption. Taking a hit of herb, then "ghosting" it by holding the smoke until nothing more came out was about as incognito as it got. But now, with a marketplace filled with different miniature vaporizers, there are options out there for people wanting to toke on the down low. This week, we check out the Vapor portable vaporizer.

The Omicron (which we reviewed a few months ago) uses common BHO oil you can find in dispensaries. In contrast, the Vapor vaporizer uses pre-mixed cartridges containing cannabis oil diluted in a liquid that allows it to be instantly vaporized when it comes in contact with the micro heating element inside. On the plus side, this means your vaporizer starts working from second you push down the button, whereas the Omicron took a while to get warmed up.

All of the cartridges for the Vapor are pre-made and you really have no idea about the quality of the ganja that was used. But the company touts the 1500 milligram cartridge as holding up to 400 "doses." That means about four hits is recommended to do the job right each time.

The matte-black-and-chrome device looks like a stealth surgical tool or one of those do-it-yourself breathalyzer pens. But beneath the slick exterior, things are pretty simple. If you've ever played around with one of these e-cigarette-based cannabis vaporizers, you've pretty much got the hang of the Vapor. There's three parts to the device: the battery, the THC cartridge and a protective sheath that goes over the cartridge to protect it. The battery end charges via a USB plug that comes with the Vapor, and cartridges can be picked up at dispensaries like Colorado Care Facility, Denver Kush Club, Root Organic and Organix in Breck. (I'm not 100 percent sure on this, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Vapor battery end would work for other types of cartridges as well.)

And though it's futuristically cool looking, it isn't the most unique design out there. Frankly, the thing looks like Vapor bought the units wholesale from a distributor, then slapped a vinyl "Vapor" sticker on the battery end of things and marked up the price to between $80 and $100 depending on which model you choose out of the five types Vapor sells.

There's a single button that acts as an on-off switch, as well as the power button to charge up your hit. Pushing the button five times in a row shuts down or turns on the unit. Holding the button down engages the heating element and delivers about a five-second hit of cannabis vapor. A small LCD screen at the bottom keeps track of your battery life as well as the total number of hits you've smoked off of that cartridge. Other Vapor designs pretty much follow the same format but can run you as much as $50 less than the high-end Kryptonite.

Page down for the results of our testing of the Vapor Kryptonite.

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