Stormtroopers trying to break into cars in Centennial? May the Force not be with them!

Plenty of thieves have active fantasy lives. Remember the guy who robbed a 7-Eleven using a Klingon battle weapon called a bat'leth? Or the teen who reportedly deployed a sword to steal Oxycontin?

But alleged lawbreakers in Centennial recently took things to the next level, disguising themselves as Star Wars-style stormtroopers.

That's the word from Fox31, which showcased security-camera footage from Centennial homeowner Jim Regas depicting a pair of stormtrooper wannabes trying to break into his car.

Their vehicles of choice? Not an Imperial landing craft, but a couple of bicycles.

Although the accused scofflaws didn't manage to swipe anything from Regas's ride, he tells Fox31 that one of his neighbors had some Christmas presents vanish in a suspicious manner.

Is the Empire planning a war on holidays? Could Valentine's Day be next? Watch the report below and decide for yourself.


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