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Suzette Hall, alleged topless barber, hit with new prostitution charges

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Earlier this month, our crack (as opposed to on-crack) Schmuck of the Week team bestowed its honorific on Suzette Hall, a grandma officially accused of practicing cosmetology without a license, but also the target of colorful claims about topless barbering and more.

The latest?

Hall has now been slapped with prostitution charges, too -- but she denies wrongdoing and blames her ex-husband and a former business partner with sullying her rep.

As we've reported, the Longmont cops didn't investigate Hall for indecent exposure despite reports that she'd advertised topless barbering services on Craigslist (the alleged ads couldn't be found) and photos like this one, from a since-deleted Facebook page:

By the way, the original text accompanying this pic read: ""Soooo frckn hot today...decided to wear nothing but flowers to work today...P.S. Never wear thorny roses."

Instead, Hall was targeted over a suggestion that she'd bounced checks intended to pay for chair rental at a downtown Longmont salon. But when a detective looked up Hall's record, he found a 2008 case in which she'd been accused of practicing cosmetology without a license -- something she's said to currently lack.

Oh yeah: Her former partner also said Hall solicited and was paid for sex with customers -- actions supposedly substantiated by used condoms found in the trash.

Hall wasn't initially accused of hooking. Now, though, the Longmont Times-Call points out that her original license-related beef has now been supplemented with four counts of misdemeanor prostitution.

What's Hall have to say about all of this? She recently wrote a letter to the Times-Call in which she labeled the tales being told about her as "absurd." Additionally, she accused her ex-husband with abuse (the newspaper reveals the existence of three open domestic violence cases under his name) and called the former partner "vindictive." In Hall's words, "There is a complete other side of this horrible story that your newspaper has found fit to slander, defame and harm me with."

Whatever the case, Hall, who's reportedly had nine felony convictions for theft and the like over the years, remains in Boulder County Jail -- a place presumably occupied by a different clientele than the kind she's now accused of servicing. Here's a look at Hall's booking photo:

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.