Take That, Stan Kroenke

Radio host and FSN Rocky Mountain personality Dino Costa is at it again. The self-proclaimed "Mile High Mouth," who was profiled in the Message circa February 2006, made the column again on March 22 after being suspended for two episodes of Raw Sports, his FSN signature program. Costa reportedly got into trouble with his superiors after dissing Carmelo Anthony when the Nugget star decided not to guest on the show.

On March 23, Costa returned to Raw Sports -- and to prove he wasn't the Nuggets' bitch, he spent a segment bashing the team's owner, Stan Kroenke.

Earlier in March, Costa posted a long diatribe on his website attacking Kroenke for associating with a children's charity funded by Eddie Wedelstedt, a pornographer who was sentenced to jail last year in Texas. The Wedelstedt matter wasn't exactly a new issue; this Rocky Mountain News article from thirteen months ago mentions it prominently. It was new to Costa, though, and he used it to bash the Nuggets, who refuse to issue Dino a Pepsi Center media credential due to a 2006 incident in which he got into an f-word contest with oft-injured baller Kenyon Martin.

Costa brought up the Wedelstedt matter again on his return to Raw Sports, and he wasn't immediately suspended for it; he was on the air again March 25 for a show largely concerning the NCAA Final Four. At least for now, the Mile High Mouth is back, and he wants everyone to know he hasn't forgotten how to roar. -- Michael Roberts

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