Taylor Rose, bicyclist, allegedly threatens driver with knife on way to methadone clinic

What could have fueled 21-year-old bicyclist Taylor Rose's behavior when he allegedly pulled a knife on a truck driver? According to the police report on view below, Boulder cops had a number of substances from which to choose: the booze said to be on his breath, the pot in his backpack or the methadone at a clinic he visited immediately after the twisted incident in question.

At around 10:29 a.m. this past Tuesday, says the report, Boulder officers were dispatched to an area near the intersection of 14th and Spruce. There, they found the driver of a truck, who said he'd been heading westbound on Spruce when Rose, on his bicycle, had swerved in front of him.

Only quick action prevented the driver from smashing Rose's petals, as it were. A moment later, both halted at a stop sign on Spruce and 15th, with Rose next to the passenger side of the truck.

"What the fuck's wrong with you?" the driver asked.

Rose had an answer, albeit a familiar one. "What the fuck's wrong with you?" he replied.

Then, the driver told officers, Rose craned through the truck's passenger window, reeking of alcohol, before walking in front of the vehicle and approaching the driver on his side. Next, he allegedly leaned close to the driver and let out a yell before stepping back and pulling a knife from his pants pocket and waving it in the man's direction.

Naturally, the driver went into freak-out mode, pushing away from Rose and hollering that he was going to call the police -- actions that apparently convinced the cyclist that it was time to move on.

He didn't go far, however. Rather, he stepped into a methadone clinic on the 1300 block of Spruce. Cops snared him as he was trying to exit, with one officer pulling a gun when Rose seemed to be reaching for his pocket. But he didn't pull the knife at that point, and neither did he explain his actions or the 3.3 grams of marijuana found in his backpack. Far from it: The report's narrative notes that he kept asking, "What did I do?" in between denials that he'd been drinking that day -- although he admitted to having done so the night before. He also asked cops to call his mom.

Rose was arrested on suspicion of felony menacing and riding under the influence. Formal charges are expected today -- after which he'll presumably know what he's supposed to have done.

Here's the aforementioned police report, followed by Rose's mug shot.

Taylor Rose Arrest Report

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