Ten Best Colorado Cities for Families — and Why Denver Didn't Make the Cut

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Number 5: Thornton
Safety score: 26
Affordability score: 26
School quality score: 11
Kid-friendliness score: 8
Total: 71

Number 4: Fort Collins
Safety score: 25
Affordability score: 24
School quality score: 20
Kid-friendliness score: 4
Total: 73

Number 3: Longmont
Safety score: 27
Affordability score: 26
School quality score: 16
Kid-friendliness score: 6
Total: 75

Number 2: Loveland
Safety score: 26
Affordability score: 26
School quality score: 19
Kid-friendliness score: 5
Total: 76

Number 1: Castle Rock
Safety score: 31
Affordability score: 28
School quality score: 24
Kid-friendliness score: 9
Total: 92

Scoring details:
Safety (35%): We ranked cities by the number of violent crimes and property crimes per 100,000 residents. Source: FBI statistics.

Housing Cost (30%): To rank cities on housing cost, we calculated the percentage of the average income required to rent the average 2 bedroom apartment. Sources: Apartment List, American Community Survey

School Quality (25%): Cities were ranked on high school graduation rate for public school districts based in that city. Comparing schools across different states can be challenging, but high school graduation rate gives a good estimate of overall school quality. Source: Department of Education data.

Child Friendliness (10%): Communities with a greater percentage of children tend to be more child friendly, so we scored cities based on the percentage of the population that’s under 18. Source: American Community Survey
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