Ten Best U.S. Sports Cities, and Who Beats Out Denver

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Number 5: Washington, D.C.
Football Rank: 30

Basketball Rank: 26

Baseball Rank: 44

Hockey Rank: 20

Soccer Rank: 9

Number 4: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Football Rank: 3

Basketball Rank: 85

Baseball Rank: 2

Hockey Rank: 1

Soccer Rank: 95

Number 3: East Lansing, Michigan
Football Rank: 2

Basketball Rank: 15

Baseball Rank: 66

Hockey Rank: 14

Soccer Rank: 17

Number 2: Denver, Colorado
Football Rank: 4

Basketball Rank: 16

Baseball Rank: 19

Hockey Rank: 8

Soccer Rank: 26

Number 1: Boston, Massachusetts
Football Rank: 9

Basketball Rank: 11

Baseball Rank: 21

Hockey Rank: 5

Soccer Rank: 13

To find the best and worst cities for sports fans, WalletHub combined the results from its previous rankings of cities in each of the reports below. The weight assigned to each ranking corresponds with the total percentage of adults in the U.S. who claim to follow that particular sport, according to The Global Sports Media Consumption Report. Because some adults claim to be fans of more than one sport, the sum of all the weights add up to more than 100%.

Football Ranking (Overall) — Total Weight: 49%
Basketball Ranking (Overall) — Total Weight: 31%
Baseball Ranking (Overall) — Total Weight: 28%
Hockey Ranking (Overall) — Total Weight: 15%
Soccer Ranking (Overall) — Total Weight: 9%

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